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4 Main Types of Services Offered by Tow Truck Companies

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You could be the most careful driver and still run into misfortune on the road. If you own or drive a vehicle, you might want to have a tow truck company's contacts on your speed dial. Why would you need them? What kind of services would you expect from a reliable tow truck company? Here are crucial things you need to know about tow truck companies and the services they offer.

1. They Offer Roadside Assistance Services

Even with regular maintenance and timely vehicle repairs, your car could break down at the most inappropriate time. If your car stalls unexpectedly, you can't change a tire, or you skidded into a snowbank, a tow truck company can assist you.

The towing experts will safely haul your vehicle to your preferred repair service facility or your home. You don't have to worry about incurring further damage to your vehicle if you leave the hauling to the experts.

2. They Offer Both Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty Towing

A typical vehicle qualifies as light duty. Whether you were involved in an accident or your car just broke down, you may need to specify that you need light-duty towing services. Generally, light-duty towing is more affordable as it requires a smaller tow truck. However, they are recommended only for smaller vehicles.

On the other hand, huge vehicles that weigh more are best hauled by heavy-duty tow trucks. This should provide safe loading and transport. They are generally pricier than light-duty towing services mainly because of the equipment and expertise required.

3. They Provide Fuel Delivery

Contrary to common belief, tow truck companies not only handle actual car transport, but they can also deliver fuel to you. You might tend to ignore the gas gauge until the worst happens, and you can't move. Luckily, tow truck companies will be delighted to get fuel and deliver it immediately at a fee. They may also tow your car to the nearest gas station depending on your preference.

4. They Offer Impound Services

Normally, when your vehicle violates road rules, the authorities may deem it right to impound it. In situations such as parking violations or tickets and repossessed cars, you may find towing services necessary. The tow truck company will haul your vehicle to its designated destination until you resolve the problems to continue using it.

Are you wonder whether you need a tow truck company? Use this insight to find and hire someone to help you right away.