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Protect Your Vehicle Through Preemption And Engagement - Questions To Ask Before A Long Distance Tow

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Relocating yourself and your family can be a difficult enough task, but moving all of your belongings may seem insurmountable. Whether you're looking at a permanent move or merely an extended trip, you may find yourself in need of your vehicle but unwilling to drive it the whole way. In these cases, a long distance towing service can offer a very valuable service.

Unfortunately, many people remain unaware of the preventative measures they need to take in their vehicles before such a trip begins. Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your automobile repair service before a long distance tow in order to ensure your vehicle remains protected and ready when it arrives at your destination.

Ask About Fluid Levels

All of the fluids which make your vehicle run smoothly can handle difficult conditions. Heat and pressure pose very few problems, but stagnation might create a relatively serious issue. If your car isn't going to be driven for a number of days or weeks, it's important to make sure your levels are correct.

Your repair service can work with you to determine which fluids need to be topped off and which should be allowed to drain before travel. Your gas tank, for example, should be left empty to avoid separation of gas and the introduction of potentially hazardous fuel vapor.

Ask About Tire Care

Another potential hazard of a long distance tow is the damage caused by the full weight of your vehicle sitting on one spot on your tires over an extended period. Without being driven or rotated, your tires might fall victim to some uneven wear that could leave them susceptible to blowouts or other damage.

Working to minimize this damage likely means requesting either a tire rotation or an alteration of the towing method. Your repair service can inspect your vehicle upon arrival to make sure you're not heading out to drive on top of any potentially serious hazards.

Ask About Alignment

If your vehicle is towed over a long distance and for a long period of time, there may be stresses put on the frame in unusual ways. It's important to have these stresses inspected and adjusted, including a full alignment. Without having your alignment checked, your vehicle may be susceptible to drifting which can make driving a struggle and put mechanical strain on unexpected areas. Make sure you work with your automobile repair service like Engel's Auto Service & Towing to return your towed vehicle to its best possible state.