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3 Things That Affect The Tow Rate For Commercial Vehicles

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If you drive a commercial vehicle, and it ever breaks down, you are going to need to call for a commercial truck tow. Towing rates for commercial vehicles are calculated a little differently than towing rates for personal vehicles. Here are a few things different factors that will affect the rate you are charged to tow your commercial truck to the repair shop.

#1 Gross Vehicle Weight

The first thing that the towing company is going to want to know is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR of your vehicle. This number tells the towing company the entire weight rating of your vehicle. It is the maximum amount of weight that your vehicle can tow, including the weight of the truck as well as your cargo and passengers.

Letting the towing company know this number will let them know how much weight your vehicle could be carrying. This will help the towing company determine which of their trucks to send out to pull your commercial vehicle. They need to make sure that whatever truck they send out is capable of handling the entire weight of your commercial truck as well as the load that it is carrying.

The larger your GVWR, generally the more you are going to be charged for the tow.

#2 State Of The Truck

Second, where your commercial truck is located as well as the state of the truck can impact what you are charged. If your truck is broken down on the side of the road and is easy to get to, you should not face any extra charges. If the truck was in an accident or damaged, the tow company may need to bring extra equipment and may need to spend more time hooking up your commercial truck to tow it, which could impact the cost of towing the truck.

Or, if the truck is located down a steep embankment or location that is hard to get to, you could face steeper fees as well to tow the truck as the towing company will first have to get your vehicle out of the tricky situation that it is in before towing int.

#3 Length Of The Tow

Finally, how far the truck needs to be towed will affect the overall cost of towing your commercial vehicle. Generally, in town towing jobs cost less than towing jobs that require the tow truck to drive to a different county or even state. Many tow trucks charge a base rate per mile for towing your vehicle. Others increase the rate per miles after a certain mileage. To save money on your tow job, try to find a local repair shop to take your vehicle to.

The overall rate your will pay to tow your commercial vehicle after it breaks down will depend on the weight of your commercial truck, the state it is in and how far the truck needs to be towed. To learn more, contact a company like Michael's Towing & Recovery