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3 Things That Impact The Cost Of A Towing Job

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If you have a car that needs mechanical repairs or if you have recently been involved in a car accident, then you might need to use the services of a towing company. Naturally, you could be curious about how much towing services are going to cost. Costs vary between different towing companies, but these are some of the factors that can impact pricing.

1. Size and Type of Vehicle That Is Being Towed 

First of all, the size and type of vehicle that is being towed can have an impact on pricing. If you are having a standard passenger vehicle towed, then you probably aren't going to have to pay as much for the tow as you would if you were having a large commercial vehicle towed. Luckily, though, there actually are towing options out there for vehicles of different types and sizes, although cost can vary. Just let the towing operator know about the size and type of vehicle that you have when you call to arrange for a tow. That way, you can make sure that the towing operator has the right towing equipment for the job, and you can get a more accurate price quote for your towing job by providing this information, too.

2. Distance Vehicle Is Being Towed

The distance that your vehicle is being towed is another factor that can impact pricing. For one thing, it's important to look for a towing company that is located nearby since you might be charged more if you hire a towing company to come and pick up your vehicle from an area that is outside of their regular service area. Additionally, the number of miles that you have the vehicle towed after it is picked up will probably impact pricing, too.

3. Length of Time Vehicle Is Stored

Lastly, the cost of your car towing job will typically be impacted by something that actually isn't related to the towing job at all. If you have your car towed to a mechanic's shop or another establishment, then you should ask about whether or not you will be charged storage fees. If you have your vehicle towed to the towing company's lot, then you will typically be charged a fee for each day that the vehicle stays at the lot. Make arrangements to pick up your vehicle as soon as possible if you would like to keep this fee to a minimum.